Standing there, i could here mutter behind, i was so agitated. “my size doesn’t give them the right to disrespect me”, i thought.

I angrily turned only to notice a sheet of paper being passed. I took a deep breath , walked up to chinedu , the class bully who was currently in possession of the sheet and i confiscated it. Before i could say another word , the bbell dinged and each student retreated instantly to their dorms .

Already fagged out for the day i paced up and was about returning to my office when i noticed the sheet. I decided to go through it to know what might have distracted the class.

Dear diary, it happened again………..”,i was appalled, this time it was my best student Nora, who was awkwardly always silent. Several questions ran through my head, could this be true?,when had it all started . No it couldn’t be, this must be a bunch if twiddles “, i had said to myself, but it was clearly her writing. I couldn’t believe it and sent for her immediately.

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