Mrs me

Like an eagle I brith her,
push her away to see if she would fly.
Like a kite she flew …far away.
Never to return.
Like a survivor she evolved.
Her love for me waned and became dry.
Her emotions became chilled.
My instinct betrayed me.
I’ve lost at love.

Auld lang syne fades away.
I cling to what’s left of these memories.
I’m become slave to memories of her.
Why didn’t I wrestle myself?
Why didn’t I defeat my doubts?
Why wouldn’t we have split?
Why wouldn’t she have fled?
My perfection were weak & has cost me.
Her imperfections I ought to have embraced.
My senses betrayed me.
I’ve failed at love.

Smart thing to do was come calling.
Smart thing to do was yell.
Smart thing to do was scream.
All of which she wasn’t found wanting.
All what I had then called ‘nagging’.
All what my good friends would have called warning.
All what my enemies would have termed flexing.
Oh NO! She wasn’t fronting.
Oh I would have borrowed ears.
I wasn’t thinking.
I’m bereaved of love.

‘I would have’…
‘I should have’…
‘Had I known’…
‘How I wish’…
I hear these torment in my head.
Whispers in my dreams.
My demons…they mock me.
My conscience guilt strips me.
My flesh console me.
My intelligence scorn me.
I’m far from love.

Hope it finds me.
Hope it cuts through this think enclosed heart.
Hope it fights for me.
Hope it gives me hope.
Hope it ignite my soul.

Hope love finds me…again.

Written by: Dctr Chibueze

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