Sanity to the insanity

It’s a young girls world where beauty is designed
Natural beauty is no longer natural; The beauty has been artificially defined
Hail Mary Kay full of graze, Your beauty is only a cosmetic design
Whatever! In whatever ways as long as the face is fine

Desire is from the heart and every Cinderella desires to learn from the art
Desire is from the heart and They desire to learn from the heart
To lay a foundation for beauty to be built
Her face must look beautiful for this is the beauty of the beaut

Beauty was sold when She bought the makeup purse
Treat My face with Your blaze; Be My makeup nurse
Study the work of art and hold a doctorate degree
In Them the culture imbibe, the way of life lost Her blee

Natural beauty is true but She choose to make up a lie
She desire to look like an angel, She make up the wings to fly
Only if She knew She’s already beautiful, She wouldn’t have idolized Mary Kay
But if She knew She’s already a beauty queen, She will wear Her real face like everyday

Well! She chose to be an art student, I really hope She graduate to reality
Beauty without natural purity is only a filthy display of facial impurity

_Be Natural!_

*$anity to the Insanity*

Inufin Ayomide d’great

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